Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Tour to Front-End Unit Testing

Quick Tour to Front-End Unit Testing Presentation

This week I gave a presentation about Java Script Unit Testing at the Front-End.IL User Group which was hosted at NICE's auditorium at Ra`anana.

We've talked about the motivations for doing Unit Testing in this era of Single Page Applications with tons of lines of code, and then we drilled down to QUnit, Sinon, and JSTD...

You might find it helpful to go over the series of posts below while you're going over the demos.

JavaScript Unit Testing in Visual Studio:

- Part I   - JavaScript is all around
- Part II  - Setting up the Environment for Headless Tests

Slide Deck

You can download the Slide Deck from here, or view it directly from here.


Also, the demos can be downloaded from here.

Thanks to Gil Fink for organizing these meetups. :)