Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NServiceBus Configuration Schema

Who Likes Configuration Files?

Configuration files got a bad reputation in .NET and most developers don't like messing around with configuration files. They'll prefer Fluent NHibernate when it comes to mapping files, and a lot have been said about WCF configurations complexity and the "pain that is gone" with WCF 4.0.

Going against that stream, I felt an XSD for NServiceBus is missing...

Monday, January 28, 2013

JavaScript Unit Testing in Visual Studio Part I

JavaScript is all around

If you're building complex SPAs (single page applications) with ASP.NET MVC, or native-like Apps for smartphones using frameworks like PhoneGap (yeah, yeah it's Cordova now, just that PhoneGap sounded much better) or alike, then JavaScript plays a big role in your day to day work. Not to mention Node.JS and Windows 8 Metro Style Applications...

The days where JavaScript has been used for small client-side manipulation, and jQuery alone was enough to overcome browser compatibility issues is long gone.