Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NServiceBus Configuration Schema

Who Likes Configuration Files?

Configuration files got a bad reputation in .NET and most developers don't like messing around with configuration files. They'll prefer Fluent NHibernate when it comes to mapping files, and a lot have been said about WCF configurations complexity and the "pain that is gone" with WCF 4.0.

Going against that stream, I felt an XSD for NServiceBus is missing...

NServiceBus Configurations

NServiceBus promotes convention over configuration, and provides an elegant way with it's fluent configuration coding style to achieve most of what you need without messing with those config sections.

But nevertheless, there are things you might choose to define in configuration, especially those dynamic settings that happened to get changed frequently.

Being it an open source it was straight forward to get the code and go over all the custom config section classes in NServiceBus assemblies and come up with an XSD file that can be referenced from Visual Studio and provide tooltips and intellisense.

For now, you can download it from here nservicebus-configuration.xsd.
In the future I hope it will find its way to the NServiceBus project.

It has already saved me a lot of time in my current project, and I hope you'll find it useful as well.


  1. I followed the link, but I couldn't download it. I wonder why? Can anybody help me with it? I would be very appreciated for that.

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